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yoo, so :iconscorpion-strike: wanted Suvesii, and :iconfirestormrock: wanted Elliot

Apparently, these are the rules:
1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other Characters.
3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars

yoo, Suvesii first

1. Suvesii has around 16 siblings, she's number 8

2. she used to provide manual labor for her dad's plantation, due to her strong and sturdy build(she got her ass/thighs from doin squats)

3. she has a habit of wandering off from work, which has gotten her in trouble with the nearby wildlife

4. at some point she was saved from an ash bear by a young skakdi adventurer named Deekus(original, I know)

5. after dragging the very reluctant skakdi back to the plantation, she was scorned for bringing a skakdi fortman, so she stole her pop's shotgun and left with Deekus

6. in contrast to her respectful straightforward skakdi friend, she's very foul mouthed and mischievous, which has led most of her younger siblings to be problem-children from her example

7. despite being smart mouthed matoran with semi abnormal strength that travels around all day, she wants to one day settle down and start a family on a small patch of land similar to her father's. its a thought that scares Deekus.

8. her family is fairly poor, since the only member of the family to own a pair of shoes is her father

and noooow, elliot

1. Elliot isnt his real name, but the closest a non vortixx can get to it is "li'et"

2. he's the baby brother of a family of vortixx

3. he split off from his brothers and sisters to seek out business opportunities with people that travel around

4. unfortunately he allied himself with a toa of fire named Rojo, who had a grudge against a skakdi named Cyan

5. after the two had a run in with eachother, Cyan recruited Elliot after knocking Rojo unconcious

6. after years of raveling around with cyan's team, he finally took up creating robots and weapons in the team's headquarters

7.he' very very close friends with Agohla and tries his best to help J'yous, a rather vortixx hating stelt, out of spite.

8. his successfully built robots and weapons are:

Scream Team: his personal guard

No Sound, Gold Sound: a ghetto blaster weapon used by Scream Team

The Big Cheese: a super heavily built guard bot

Mr. Roboto: a very generic and obsolete steltian made robot that he purchased to reverse engineer; manual labor machine

Mr. Roboto But Better: self explanatory, manual labor bot.

Ninjinja: discarded, legless vortixx made secretary droid, directs other robots while he's away, very stealthy when crawling around

Situation Hot: an attempt to put as many flamethrowers on a robot as possible

Red Hot Silly Peppers: salvaged newer model vortixx made secretary droid, modified arms to be flame blades, a better Situation Hot

King Kargo: big robot covered in backpacks, possibly made from the same model as Mr. Roboto

Chk Chk Chk: Elliot's personal wrench, Rhotuka catcher

boooiii, i'll tag people tommorow

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